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    武汉亨利通电子科技有限责任公司是一家集科工贸于一体的综合性公司,主要从事于电子元器件进出口贸易及生产各类高温接插件。总部于1996年成立位于武汉市武昌繁华的科技一条街上,毗邻东湖新开发区。公司专业代理销售国外各大品牌元器件,经营范围广泛。 20053月成为美国CSZ公司中国地区唯一授权经销商。经过近十年的发展,已与美国AVX VISHAY电容、SIC电位器、TELEDYNE继电器、MII电源模块、TYCO连接器、WINCHEST连接器等公司建立了长期的业务合作关系,这些产品成为我公司最有竞争力最有优势的主打产品,也为我们赢得了市场。目前已经在西安和潜江,等地设立分支机构。

Henglitong Electronics is one of the largest independent distributors of electronic components in China. Established in 1996,located in Wuhan Technology Street. Serving a wide range of industries,specilized in High-Temp electronics and electronic components.Such as Relays, Module, Potentiometer and IC Parts ,also can made High-Temp Connectors according to customer’s requirement.

Company insist on “collaboration efficiency and innovation” management concept . We have built long-standing relationship with many Auothorized Distributors of AVX and VISAHY Capacitors , SIC Potentiometer,MII Regulator Module and IC products. The only purpose is to get more competitive price and quality.

We can provide you with best of class products from oversea market.Optimal quality ,timely supply, favourable price and warmly service, that can help us get more chance to cooperate with new customers.Look into the future , our goal is to offer our best service to new and old customers,and get more market-share.

Good news!Many available parts in my stock ! Choose HLT is your best choice.







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